If you are considering selling your home, using a qualified real estate agent to assist you with the selling process can save you a lot of headaches. Real estate deals can often become emotional and require experience in order to navigate the complicated processes involved.


In today’s market, choosing the right Realtor is essential. You need someone to help you set the right selling price, advertise your property and effectively negotiate in order to help you land the best deal.




When you decide to sell your property, you should use a real estate agent to help you navigate the selling process. As you work with the real estate agent you might want to consider certain ideas, such as a renovation. You may decide not to sell after all and instead become a landlord to offset your costs. A qualified real estate agent can help you make the right decisions about selling your property.




You have two options whenever you decide to sell your home. You can do it on your own or you can hire a Realtor to assist you with the sale. If you want to make sure that the sale goes smoothly and all of the correct procedures have been followed, you should use a Realtor.


Selling a home on your own is not recommended in this day and age. If this is the first-time you are selling a home, how will you know if you could have gotten a better deal if you choose to sell on your own? Do you have any experience with buying and selling real estate, renovating, or being a landlord? Can you afford to deal with the risk if something goes wrong? Before you decide to put your home on the market, you may want to call a few real estate agents in order to learn what you are missing out on.


Ultimately, it’s up to you whether selling makes the most sense. Here are four reasons to use a Realtor to sell your home if you are still unsure about the right decision to make.




When it comes to selling your home, Realtors have taken on an extra responsibility to serve you as a homeowner in the best possible manner. “For more than 100 years, Realtors® have subscribed to the NAR’s strict Code of Ethics as a condition of membership,” says National Association of Realtors® President Gary Thomas. “Realtors® have the expertise and experience to help sellers protect their investment and help buyers build theirs.” The Canadian Real Estate Association, or CREA, has a similar credo.


Real estate agents are bound to a fiduciary relationship and therefore and are considered to be licensed professionals. As a company providing a service, you will enter contractual agreements with your agent to provide guidance on selling your property.




If there is any one reason to hire a Realtor to sell your home, it would be negotiations. When it comes to selling your home, things can get emotional, especially if you are expecting a return on your investment. Top-producing agents excel at negotiations and they can objectively review your unique case in order to bring you the best possible results. In addition, they must also hold information regarding your case in confidentiality in order to protect against competing interests.


A Realtor especially comes in handy if your property is likely to receive many competing offers. Choosing between many similar offers can be difficult and time-consuming to handle. As a result, working with a Realtor can mean the difference between a successful transaction and months of endless frustration.


Market Insight


Figuring out the best price for your home takes the expertise, as well as, a thorough understanding of local market conditions. Realtors also have knowledge of the best ways in which to market your property so that you get as many offers as are needed to sell your property. If you were to do it on your own, you would end up spending far more time researching and trying to understand market conditions while still lacking the experience to effectively market your property.


Many sellers have the idea that if they opt to not use a Realtor, then they might have an easier time selling when in almost every case, the opposite is true. If you value your time and money, it is in your best interest to work with an agent that has experience in your local market.




Dealing with the paperwork that is required to sell a home is daunting. In addition, the regulations regarding property sales are subject to change at any time. By working with a Realtor, you can ensure that the right documents are completed for the sale of your home so that the transaction is legally binding. In addition, the Realtor can work directly with the entities involved in order to obtain the approvals needed to finalize the sale.


According to Elizabeth Weintraub, Home Buying/Selling Expert at About.com, “Today’s purchase agreements run 10 pages or more. That does not include the federal- and state-mandated disclosures nor disclosures dictated by local custom. Most real estate files average thicknesses from one to three inches of paper.” This means that you must have all of these documents in place or you might otherwise risk legal troubles.


Working with a qualified agent can eliminate many of the headaches that come along with the finance and legal aspects with regard to the sale of a property. Unless you are a lawyer, it will likely be your first time dealing with such proceedings, which is not to your advantage.


Selling a property is a complicated process that you ultimately want to benefit you and not the other party. Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not you should use a Realtor.