Unique properties are tricky for homesellers to market. A qualified real estate agent can help to paint a home in the best light to appeal to buyers.




Selling a unique property means striking a careful balance between finding the uniqueness of the property and trying to appeal to the right buyers. Homebuyers should have the ability to envision themselves in the home without being overwhelmed by the seller’s personality and tastes.




A unique property can be challenging to sell for many homesellers. However, if you take some steps to make the property seem more neutral you may have a better chance at selling quickly. In addition, a personalized property may actually appeal to a large subset of buyers, once you determine what type of buyer might be looking for a home like yours.


If your home is a bit different than the others in your neighborhood, you should expect that the results that you get from working with your real estate agent may not be the same as the results you might get if your home were more like the other standard homes in your neighborhood. By seeking out a real estate agent that has sold unique homes or is experienced in luxury real estate, you can improve the odds of selling your home as a price that you will be satisfied with.


Since marketing a unique property is a bit different than marketing a standard home, some tasks require a bit more emphasis. Here are the top things to do if you are trying to sell an unique property and why personalization matters.


Take Great Photos


When it comes to a unique property, taking great photos is essential. You want to show off all of the things that make the home unique and interesting while trying to demonstrate to buyers that your particular brand of quirkiness is what they are looking for in a home.


Taking great photos can demonstrate all of this if you take photos that paint the home in the best light. Take photos from different angles in order to determine which angle looks best. Make sure to take photos that utilize the natural daylight for the best results. Using a tripod to take photos can also ensure that the pictures are sharp and clear.


If you don’t have experience in taking photos, you should leave this job up to a real estate photographer. Your real estate agent may recommend a photographer or you can hire one on your home. A real estate photographer can also edit the photos to make them more appealing visually. With just a few tweaks and professional assistance, your home could be transformed into a one-of-a-kind abode for the right person or family.


Take Away Some Personal Effects


In some cases, a unique home that is otherwise standard in design could become unattractive to buyers because of the homeowner. If most of the quirkiness of the home is the result of the decor, replace the current furniture with items that appear more neutral and appropriate for the style of the home.


In addition, this may also mean getting rid of some or most of the personal effects of the homeowner. “The goal is to reveal the unique feature but take away some of the personal effects, so it goes to the staging and curb appeal of the uniqueness, said Stan Ponte of Sotheby’s International Realty. “That’s really important because those unique qualities are important but sometimes buyers can’t get past the uniqueness of the owner too.”


Create a Story


Every home has a story to tell. By coming up with a unique story to market your property, you can sell a defined dream to potential buyers instead of letting them wonder how they will adjust to the home as buyers. By just considering the background history of the home or standout features, your real estate agent can craft a wonderful story about your home that will really resonate with buyers.


“What is the history surrounding the home? What architectural enhancements adorn the halls of the residence?” suggests Jeffrey Hogue, owner and Realtor at Weichert Realtors Neighborhood One, on questions to consider as you craft the story of your home. “Tell me about the quarter sawn wood floors, the quatrefoil patterns on the ceiling and walls, the cornices above the doorways and the hip roofs reminiscent of a Georgian or early colonial classical revival styled homes.”


When the story of your home is combined with expertly photographed images of your home, this vision of your home will come alive for your buyers. As a result, your buyers will have a clear idea of what it will mean to buy your home and can focus on falling in love with the property.


Focus on Reaching a Subset of Buyers


Every home is not meant for every buyer. This is especially true when it comes to unique properties. If you want your home to sell, you must have a laser-focus on the type of person that might be interested in buying a home like yours. Your real estate agent can determine who the best type of buyer is for your home and craft a marketing plan that exclusively focuses on these individuals. By focusing on a specific target audience of buyers, you can avoid having time wasters show up at your open houses.


Selling a unique property is far from impossible if you are armed with the right tools. It simply involves painting a picture of a home that is perfect for a special type of buyer. By working with your real estate agent to develop the story of your unique home, you can guarantee that you will find a buyer that is interested.