Face it; we live in a frightening and sometimes dangerous world. Protecting your family and property is a priority.

With the majority of home break-ins occurring during the summer months, spring is an excellent time to evaluate and update your home security system. Professional installation of the latest advances in home security technology can offer protection and peace of mind.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that there is a home break-in happening every 13 seconds in the United States with 2,000,000 home invasions reported every year. The U.S. Fire Administration reports, “More than 3,400 Americans die each year in fires and approximately 17,500 are injured.” The majority of these deaths happen in the home.

CO is a toxic gas that can build up in the home when fuel-burning devices are improperly installed, operated or maintained. Tasteless and odorless, CO is a silent killer that cannot be detected by our senses. The US Consumer, Product Safety Commission, advises, “8,000 to 15,000 people each year are examined or treated in hospitals for non-fire related CO poisoning. Breathed over long periods of time, low concentrations of CO may also contribute to other illness. Fortunately, simple measures can be taken to prevent CO problems. One such action is the installation of a CO alarm to detect potentially deadly conditions.”

Firexsafety.com provides helpful product comparisons and reviews of fire and CO alarm systems. Do the research to rest assured that you are selecting the best system to protect your family, pets and property.

Hopefully, these alarming statistics will motivate you to take action. If you are moving into a new home or your present home is equipped with less than adequate protection, contact a security professional to access your home’s current level of security. When choosing a contractor, select a company that is a member of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA). Look for an experienced local company that is certified, insured and licensed in your state. Contact your insurance company for a recommendation. The majority of homeowner’s insurance companies offer a substantial discount when your home is equipped with monitored burglar and fire alarm protection.

A convenient and easy to operate wireless home security systems can keep you and your family safe. The latest technology available includes wireless home anti-intrusion systems and 24/7 monitoring, structured wiring to support home electronics, wireless home audio and video solutions including home intercom systems, multi-room audio systems and home theater systems. Consider adding hand-held panic buttons to alert police and emergency responders in the event of a home intrusion, medical event or injury.

With a wireless controlled entry system you can remotely unlock doors to let in guests, set access codes to allow babysitters or household help access without surrendering a key, automatically turn on/off lights when doors open, and receive alerts on your cell phone if anything’s wrong at home.

Innovations in touch screen technology allows you to monitor all electronic systems in your home from anywhere with an Internet connection. Check if you remembered to lock the back door, turned off the television or turned down the thermostat while you are away by instantly checking the control screen on your iPad, tablet or mobile phone. If you have forgotten anything, there is no need to return home. You can arm and activate your wireless security and home management system remotely.

Consider adding 24/7 surveillance capabilities to your home security system. Wireless “smart cams” are so cool. Tiny and non-intrusive, smart cams provide continual surveillance. With a wireless smart cam you can check on children, the elderly or pets with just a tap on an app on your cell phone or mobile device. No matter if you are in downtown Chicago or across ocean in Cairo, you can watch high-definition streaming from your home smart cam, hear and even talk with your family any time of the day or night.

Another benefit of many electronic alarm systems is that when arming your system prior to going to bed or leaving the home, you are automatically alerted if there is a door, window or any monitored access that is ajar where an intruder to access the property. Robberies are frequently crimes of opportunity when a passing thief happens to notice something like an open window or skylight. Your electronic alarm system will alert you of any opportunities for someone violating your security before it can become a problem.

Hartford Insurance comments on the benefits of adding electronic security protection to your home, noting, “By upgrading your home security with a combination of burglar and fire alarms, you could save up to 20% on your home insurance. Even dead-bolt locks and smoke detectors could save you money. Apartment and condominium owners get an additional credit for 24-hour security guard services.”

Blackadar Insurance of Longwood, Florida offers sage advice for homeowners, noting, that many home security systems offer a combination smoke alarm and possibly a CO detector that is tied into the electronic system. When activated, the security monitoring company will dispatch fire crews to your house immediately, even if you are not home. Compare this to a traditional fire detector that will alert you if you are in the house, but if you are away, will be of little use until a passerby alerts the fire department. By then, the fire will have gained momentum and inflicted financial damage. Think about how much greater the damage to your home in the time it takes for a neighbors to become aware of smoke billowing out of your home and call 911 when compared to having the fire department alerted within moments of smoke being detected. Digital communication is instantaneous. That time difference could be enough to save lives, possessions, pets, or your entire home.