How many times a day do you find yourself in your home’s bathroom? A home’s bathroom sees some heavy traffic, and any prospective buyer will want to take a look at what it has to offer them. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you dress up your bathroom just as you would any other room of your house for a buyer visit – and dress it up the right way. An attractive bathroom needs modern style and amenities, and you can install them to really wow your buyers.


A Modern Take on Your Walls and Floors


Tiles are all but a necessity in your bathroom, as there are few other flooring and wall options that handle the heat and humidity of your bathroom better. However, plain tiles in ugly colors will do nothing to impress. Take a page from today’s hot interior design trends, and check out the options available to you. Arty geometric patterns are all the rage in every area of interior style, and can have a bold and elegant impact in your bathroom. Classic whites will always have a place in bathroom color-picking, but think outside the box: try metallic chromes or grays, bold blacks, or add a splash of color. Wine reds and nautical blues are both excellent complements to blacks and whites, respectively, and will add visual interest and modern taste to your bathroom, without losing any classic flair.


Shedding Light on Your Situation


Good lighting is an essential part of any room, and you can modernize your bathroom easily by simply updating the light fixtures. Consider the style you’d like your bathroom to show off, and adjust your lighting accordingly. Modern, sleek, and chic bathrooms benefit from strong lighting and sleek, minimalistic fixtures, but be sure that the glare isn’t painful. A more romantic style can call for softer lighting and more elaborate fixtures. The addition of stylish mirrors can not only accentuate your lighting’s effects, but can also make the room seem larger.


Cabinets, Storage, and More


Bathroom cabinets don’t have to exist as an afterthought to the rest of the room – indeed, they can be what really pulls together the overall aesthetic. Your bathroom countertop is a perfect canvas to add a splash of pattern and color to an otherwise minimalist room, or act as a sleek anchor in a room that pops with geometric design. Storage cabinets can be accented with attractive handles and, above all, no smart buyer can ever say no to loads of storage and counter space. Get creative with adding unique storage to the room, and you’ll be able to expand your bathroom’s utility and space astronomically. The addition of storage to a standing shower area is both shrewd and convenient, and wall storage units can be a solid way to clear off bathroom counter space.


The Modern Way to Clean


Your shower and tub are the centerpiece of your bathroom, and if you’re looking to sell your home, bringing them into the modern age is a great way to up the wow factor for prospective buyers. While the traditional bathtub still has its devoted fans, standing showers are easily the biggest trend in bathroom design today. Removing your tub for a standing shower will greatly expand your bathroom to the eye, and the accessibility and ease of cleaning that a standing shower grants is a huge plus for seniors and those with disabilities. The addition of seating in your standing shower can increase this accessibility for anyone who steps in. Standing showers are an undeniably great canvas for artistic interior design, and can make or break your bathroom’s aesthetic. More rustic rooms can benefit from cobblestone walls, while chic rooms are all about sleek smoothness.


However, the simple bathtub is hard to give up for many buyers, even with standing showers’ trendy looks and convenience. Modernize your bath by taking it out of the wall, and replacing it with a stylized ceramic standing tub. It’s a great conversation piece for the room, and is sure to please any bathtub fan. If your bathroom has the floor space, you may want to consider splitting the difference: a standing shower and standing tub combo, or the real favorite, a standing shower and Jacuzzi combo.


It’s not just about showers versus tubs when it comes to this part of bathroom design: pay attention to other convenience features that can wow buyers. Removable showerheads and attachments make cleaning easy, and the addition of low lighting to your shower can make for a relaxing, romantic atmosphere – just make sure that the lighting is certified for wet and damp environments. For your hardware selection, stainless steel will always have a place in the bathroom design world. However, if you want cutting-edge style, try chrome or brass work.


Saving the Planet, One Eco-Friendly Toilet at a Time


Eco-friendly bathroom appliances are designed to lower a homeowner’s resource consumption by requiring less water and less electricity to use. Not only are they an earth-friendly way to go about your daily life, they also will save you big on your water and electric utility bills, and come with rebates from government programs: making them a very attractive buy for any homeowner, even those that couldn’t care less about the push for green appliances. Water-friendly showers, sinks, and toilets are available from any local home improvement store, and a switch to LED lights is as simple as changing the bulbs. Installation is simple, and can often be at least partially covered by the aforementioned government rebates. You’ll be able to sell your home on its green merits, as well as its newly economical bent.


A modern, updated bathroom is an excellent addition to any home, and can charm buyers the moment they set eyes upon it. Even the simplest bathroom improvement project can provide huge results in a buyer’s eyes, and can help your home sell for more, faster. Consider what kind of updates your bathroom needs to get with the times, and go forth to get it up to speed.